Brazil celebrates the publication of ISO 41000 series in Portuguese

Brazil celebrates the publication of ISO 41000 series in Portuguese

By Moacyr E. A. da Gra├ža and Stan Mitchell


From early days of the establishment of the Special Study Commission CEE-267 Facility Management by ABNT(*) as an ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 267 Facility Management mirror in Brasil, and ABRAFAC the Brazilian FM Association, were very supportive both in terms of participating in the development of the ISO 41000 series as well as promoting a greater understanding of FM in country. 

Our Facility Management (FM) colleagues in Brazil as well the importance of effective communication if we are to realise the ‘added value’ that FM can deliver to the organisations that we serve.

FM in Brazil is growing, mainly in major cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other capitals, and the market claims for better support to improve planning and daily operations. There are many local and international companies operating in FM in Brazil. Such companies and the demand organizations need to upgrade continually all kinds of facility operations to improve the quality of life and productivity. 

Brazilian facility managers are very resilient and prepared to face challenges and they are avid to improve and to apply their knowledge in the field of FM. Unfortunately, the language is a barrier for development because most of FM publications are written in English and the improvement of personal skills, such as speaking other languages, is desired but not sufficient. 

ABRAFAC was formed in 2004 by three Brazilian groups: MBA/USP, GRUPAS, GAS and some other professionals to create and disseminate knowledge, promote the FM profession and develop a national network. 

FM in Brazil has accelerated its maturity and achievements over the past two decades and the publication by ABNT of all ISO 41000 series of FM standards in Portuguese is one of them. The published standards are listed below:

  • ABNT NBR ISO 41001:2020
  • ABNT NBR ISO 41011:2019
  • ABNT NBR ISO 41012:2019
  • ABNT ISO/TR 41013:2019

These standards are available and can be obtained at

This achievement has only been possible with the collaboration of a voluntary and highly motivated team of FM professionals. In particular these has involved resources from ABNT with the support of members of ABRAFAC, MBA/USP, GRUPAS, GAS,  and others which formed the Commission CEE-267 Facility Management in November 2017 with Prof. Dr. Moacyr E. A. da Graça as its Chairman, to oversee the standards tranlation project.

The ISO 41000 series of FM standards are what Brazilian organizations have long needed as they provide the tools to FM professionals to reconfigure and implement stronger FM Systems. Yet Brazil is a big country and it would be impossible to achieve the desired outcomes without considering the barrier of the language. Therefore having ISO Standards translated to Portuguese will be a key determinant of success.

FM standards are valuable tools and its effective application brings many benefits to the demand organizations. The certification of the FM Systems by third parties assures that the whole process is managed following all requirements in the standards without the need of detailed explanation. It brings credibility and transmit the assurance that the right things are being done by the right way.

International standards representing ‘best practice’ are of no value if people cannot read them and understand the guidance offered.  We have many languages around the world therefore translation is a huge challenge in supporting our FM communities to leverage the knowledge and experience amongst us.  This translation of ISO 41001 standard effectively means that a worldwide population of some 250 million people now have this standard available to them in their native language in countries such as Brasil, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal and others.

(*) ABNT – Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas; meaning Brazilian Association of Technical Standards is the Brazilian organization responsible for the publication of standards and is official representative of ISO in Brazil.