Terminology standards in development

Within ISO/TC 262 a group of experts are part of a terminology coordination group, TCG 1, their role is to coordinate the terminology in ISO/TC 262 projects and documents. ISO/TC 262 WG 8 is also currently developing a vocabulary standard. 

TCG 1 and WG 8 take into consideration the approaches outlined in existing standards such as: ISO 704:2009 Principles and Methods for terminology work, ISO 10241-1:2011 Terminology entries in standards, ISO 15188:2001 Project management guidelines for terminology standardization and ISO 860:2008 Harmonization of concepts and terms.

The underlying goal of all this work is to encourage a “shared language” for communication between the great diversity of stakeholders in managing risk and by so doing improve their performance in each achieving their objectives.

TCG 1 Membership

We have members from 20 countries (2019): Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Russian Federation, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Jordan, Portugal, Japan, Lithuania, ect. The secretary support is provided by AFNOR.








Steve O’Brien acts as the TCG 1 Convenor  


ISO 31073 - Risk management – Vocabulary

ISO 31073 will solely act as a vocabulary to gather all the terms and definitions used within the ISO/TC 262 portfolio. This standard will replace ISO guide 73 once it has published. 


WG 8 membership

We have members from 14 countries (2021): Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Indonesia, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Jordan, New Zealand, Japan.

Erike Young acts as the project leader for ISO 31073