Terminology standards in development

Within ISO/TC 262 a group of experts are part of a terminology coordination group, TCG 1, their role is to enhance and improve terminology in ISO/TC 262 projects and documents, and currently the members are also developing two new international terminology standards as a reference for communication in managing risk. This terminology standard is now in development with a clear work plan to respond to end-user needs:

  1.  Core concepts and terms as information and knowledge for managing risk
  2.  Guidance to improve the use of core concepts and terminology in order to reduce conflict and inconsistencies in communication in managing risk and improve harmonization.

TCG 1 is following the approach of existing standards such as: ISO 704:2009 Principles and Methods for terminology work, ISO 10241-1:2011 Terminology entries in standards and ISO 860:2008 Harmonization of concepts and terms.

We hope that after the publication of ISO 31070 and ISO 31073 we can collaborate more easily with technical committees in specific areas of managing risk.

The underlying goal of all this work is to encourage a “shared language” for communication between the great diversity of stakeholders in managing risk and by so doing improve their performance in each achieving their objectives.


We have members from 20 countries (2018): Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Russian Federation, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Jordan, Portugal, Japan, Lithuania, ect. The secretary support is provided by AFNOR.








Steve O’Brien acts as the TCG 1 Convenor  


ISO 31070 - Risk Management – Guidelines on core concepts

The experts bring together a spectrum of professional, academic and cultural knowledge and skills. Following the generic approach of ISO 31000:2018, TCG 1 will identify the terminology needs of end-users for communication in managing risk, establish a list from which core concepts are chosen, develop terminology data which provides the in-depth knowledge of ISO 31070.

Topics which will be included within the standard are: sources, major issues, clarification of conflict and inconsistencies in terminology for managing risk, guidance for terminology use and development, etc.


ISO 31073 - Risk management – Vocabulary

ISO 31073 will solely act as a vocabulary to gather all the terms and definitions used within the ISO/TC 262 portfolio. This standard will replace ISO guide 73 once it has published. 


Erike Young acts as the project leader for ISO 31073