ISO 30414:2018 -- Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting 

Objectives & Key Deliverables 

According to the Human Capital reporting guidelines, “metrics can help the organization to understand how purposeful investment in people can create and preserve Human Capital value and, in doing so, improve productivity and performance.” 

These guidelines allow information relevant to important business-crucial Human Capital issues: compliance, costs, diversity, leadership, occupational health and safety, organizational culture, productivity, recruitment, mobility and turnover, skills and capabilities, succession planning and workforce availability. All these areas can be measured and reported (internal and external) with specific metrics. 

ISO 30414 is intended to provide all stakeholders an objective way of meaningfully comparing the overall human capital investments and outcomes using a process that can be simplified for smaller enterprises. The purpose is not only to help investors and corporate management assess the potential for sustainable growth, but also to provide information that can be meaningful to management for more effective organizational governance and management.

Current Status & next steps

ISO 30414:2018 has been published in December 2018.


Standard is available via the official ISO page



 Convenor: Dr. Stefanie Becker (Germany)

 Secretary: Inga Tröster (DIN, Germany)