ISO/AWI 30416 -- Human resource management -- Workforce management

Objectives & Key Deliverables 

Workforce Management: The Standard will provide guidelines on planning, reporting, compliance, accuracy and efficiency in managing and compensating the workforce on a daily and hourly basis. It will also provide guidance on the processes that drive effective scheduling, deployment, and timekeeping of workers to assist in achieving the strategic outcomes of the organization and principles and metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of timekeeping, attendance management, and labour scheduling.

Current Status & next steps

Committee Draft to all TC/260 members for comment is expected to be February or March 2019.

Final DIS draft planned for completion July 2019, with distribution for DIS ballot commenting during September 2019 Plenary.

Active Experts

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.


Project Leader: Alex James (Australia)

Convenor Workforce Management: Lisa Disselkamp (USA)

Secretary Workforce Management: Nirav Patel (USA)