ISO/NP 10667- 1 and 2 Assessment service delivery --
Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings
-- Part 1: Requirements for the clients
-- Part 2: Requirements for service providers 

Project background:

People decisions were among the most central decisions in any organisation. The preparation of such decisions, about development, investments of training, hiring or placement often were supported by formal assessments, conducted by internal or external seviceproviders.

The quality of those assessments was not easily judged by the internal or external client. The market of service providers was growing and the quality of those services war quite heterogeneous.

That was the starting point of a project in Germany almost 25 years ago. The result was DIN 33430, the German standard for aptitude diagnsotics.As the cooedinator of this work changed from DIN to Austrian Standards the idea came up to start the work on an international standard for assessment. In 2011 ISO 10667 Assessment delivery was publisched. It was designed in two parts, one for the service provider and one fort he client. It was the result of a tremendous and joined effort of experts from Austria, China, Denmark, Finnland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA.

It marked a milestone in ISO work, because it was the first ISO Standard in this area. And it marked a milestone for assessment as well, because it was the first time an international group of experts agreed on an assessment standard within the ISO framework.

The revision project was initiated in September 2017 and now the National Standardization Bodies involved are calling for experts to participate in this work.

The decision to revise ISO 10667 bases mainly on the techological advancements observed in the last years in the assessment market. The goal is to thoroughly examine, if updates are necessary and which new technologies should be covered in the standards.

If you feel that you could contribute to the work, (please see "Why to get involved": please contact your National Standardisation Body (please see National Standardisation Bodies of ISO and ask if there is alredy a group working on this issue or if they see the possibility to start one to join the work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the project leader.


Project leader: Harald Ackerschott (Germany)
Secretary: DIN, Inga Tröster (Germany)