Workforce allocation - experts welcome!

Workforce allocation - experts welcome!

ISO TC 260 is drafting a global standard on workforce allocation.
We are seeking experts who know how to allocate people.
Are you the one?

Are you an  expert in Workforce Allocation? Can you help draft the global ISO standard ISO 30434  
This standard is needed so organisations can make better decisions when allocating their workforce.  
And it compliments ISO 30409 ‘Workforce Planning’ also published by ISO HR Committee TC260.

We are seeking experts who know how to allocate people.  
You might be a resource manager, workforce planner, workforce manager, workforce scheduler, roster coordinator, allocation coordinator, staffing coordinator, workforce coordinator, workforce analyst, MRP production planner, or software vendor, or consultant in this field.

You work in contact centres, manufacturing, professional services, field services, IT, retail, transport – or other sectors

To learn more and work with a global network of experts contact:

Canada: Andre Houde (Convenor)

USA: Lisa Disselkamp

France: Laurence Breton-Kueny

Germany:  Oliver Kothrade

Pakistan: Mohsin Nishat

Australia: Alex James (Project Leader)

Other countries  - Alex can connect you.