Making the Most of Learning and Development

Making the Most of Learning and Development

By Valerie Anderson, Sabrina Pitt, Sunil Hasmukharay,Niklas Julian Pothmann


"Human Capital Management Standards" book published !! steps are yet to come: Learning and Development

There was a great turnout on 3rd September to the launch of the first book about HR standards and their role in driving sustainable business performance. Valerie Anderson, one of the co-editors of the new book is also author of the chapter that zooms in on Learning and Development. Valerie is the convenor of a group of experts from over twenty countries who are contributing their deep knowledge to develop an International Standard for Learning and Development. She commented that the work energy-sapping and exhilarating in equal measure but worth it for the chance to enable organizations to use learning more effectively as the basis of a step change towards sustainable organizational performance.