Learning and Development Analytics – time to get these standardized?

Learning and Development Analytics – time to get these standardized?

By Valerie Anderson, Sabrina Pitt, Sunil Hasmukharay, Niklas Julian Pothmann


ISO TC260 Learning and Development

What will it be about? 

Our Vision and Mission

Both quantitative and qualitative information, are relevant to the assessment of the effectiveness of learning and development. This week Learning and Development experts from Pakistan, Malaysia, Sweden, UK, Germany and Australia have begun the process of developing appropriate measures of learning processes, outputs and outcomes as a basis from which managers can recognize the impact and value of learning for their organization. 

This work is part of the development of an ISO standard for Learning and Development. This will be an evidence-based standard to enable organizations to achieve performance enhancements and develop a sustainable approach to learning and development. It is exciting and exhilarating to collaborate with practitioners and experts from around the world. Our focus is on writing a standard in clear language equally appropriate for HR and for non-HR specialists. Our mission is to provide straightforward guidance to help those who adopt it to get most out of learning practices at strategic, operational and individual levels.