WG 8 – Yacht Harbours

Since 2011, WG8 experts have published three levels of the ISO 13687 Yacht Harbours, and the ISO 21406 standard for luxury harbours


ISO 13687 consists of the following three parts:

  • ISO 13687-1 provides minimum requirements for basic service level harbours;
  • ISO 13687-2 provides minimum requirements for intermediate service level harbours;
  • ISO 13687-3 provides minimum requirements for high service level harbours.

New projects in 2021


WG8 is now working of dry stack standards, NP 5103, aiming to set a norm for the safety and comfort of dry stack clients. Dry staks are a safe, low environmental impact (mainly visual), social friendly boat storage facilities ashore. Also NP 5104 Charter harbours has been registered as preliminary work item and will be developed further shortly.

Oscar Siches
Oscar Siches
Convenor - Working Group 8 Yacht Harbours