WG 2 – Health Tourism Services

ISO/DIS 22525 - Tourism and related services - Medical Tourism - Services requirements

Medical tourism has been developing fast in the recent years. In fact, its global market is estimated around 60 billion Euros. 
Multiple stakeholders get involved within the medical tourism value chain: facilitators such as travel agencies, healthcare providers such as clinics or hospitals, professionals such as doctors and other interested parties (insurance companies, consulates, etc.), what could cause difficulties to accomplish patient’s expatiations. Furthermore, the development of medical tourism faces many challenges: administrative burdens, healthcare procedures and follows up for international patients, travel arrangements and requirements, etc.
For those reasons, there is a need to develop an international standard which contemplates the minimum service requirements to meet international patients’ expectations. 
This standard includes general and specific requirements and recommendations for facilitators as well as for clinic providers (hospitals, clinics) regarding information, office and legal support, staff, medical services, ancillary services, food safety and security, security and safety, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance.

Mónica Figuerola
Mónica Figuerola
Convenor - Working Group 2 Health Tourism Services
María Cruz Cadiz
María Cruz Cadiz
Project Leader of ISO 21426