WG 16 – Restaurants

ISO/WD 21621 - Traditional restaurants - Visual aspects, decoration and services

Restaurants are one of the most visited places by tourists all over the world. However, most tourists do not have enough information about the restaurants of the destinations and choose them by random or according to the advice of other people. 

The safety of the food and beverages, the recipes, the ambience and the quality of services are often the main factors affecting the satisfaction of the customers of the restaurants, among them tourists. The quality of ingredients is very important for the safety of the customers. Information about the recipes will help customers to choose the right food according to their favourites and diets; the ambience of the restaurants are usually important for the customers, and the quality of services is a key factor, which contains many aspects affecting the satisfaction of the guests. These items are often interpreted by service providers and seriously need right measures to be defined according to the type of restaurant and style of services. International standards related to different types of restaurants and their services can provide integrated measures for the benefit of both industry sector and the consumers in this field.  The restaurant owners can promote the quality of services using these measures, and the customers can make informed decisions. On the other hand, excellent customer service lets the customers feel valued.

One of the most attractive curiosity of the tourists is cuisine of people around the world. Tourists often choose traditional restaurants in destinations to be familiar with the food and beverages of the local inhabitants and the related customs. Hence, WG 16 has started the work with development of a standard related to this kind of restaurant. The project 21621 entitled traditional restaurants has been approved in May 2018 and is at WD stage now. The membership of this WG consists of experts from four continents, who can include a variety of ideas and comments in the standard. For more information and contributing in this project please contact the convenor through the secretariat.

Hensa Ghaderi
Hensa Ghaderi
Convenor - Working Group 16 Restaurant