WG 13 – Sustainable tourism

Tourism is one of the world's major economic segments and it is a target of increasingly attention due to its potential to contribute to sustainable development and to the impacts that it may cause in the environmental, social and economic areas.

Organizations of all types in the tourism sector are increasingly recognizing the need to address sustainability issues in their routines. This document provides requirements for a sustainability management system for accommodation establishments that wish to develop and implement sustainable policies and objectives in the management of its activities, products and services.

This project specifies environmental, social and economic requirements to implement a sustainability management system in accommodation establishments.

This document applies to the aspects that can be controlled by the accommodation establishments and over which it can exert influence.

This document applies to all types of accommodation establishments that wish to:

  1. implement, maintain and improve sustainable practices in their operations;
  2. ensure the compliance with its defined policy of sustainability;

ISO/AWI 23405

Tourism and related services -- Principles and terminology of sustainable tourism


Alexandre Garrido
Alexandre Garrido
Convenor - Working Group 13 Sustainable Tourism