Welcome on board to the new TC 228 leadership

Welcome on board to the new TC 228 leadership

The ISO TMB has just approved the appointment of Mr. Manuel Otero from Spain and Mr. Habib Bouslama from Tunisia, as Chair and Vice Chair respectively, of ISO TC 228 Tourism and Related Services for a 3 year term.

Mr Otero is CEO at Hotel Inglaterra, located in Seville (Spain) since 1993, and currently combines this position with the Chair of the Andalusian Federation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation, one of the most important and active hotels federations not only in Spain but in Europe.

Mr. Bouslama, combines his role of Vice-Chair with the position of Co-convenor of Working Group 2 Health Tourism Services. He is owner partner of Nahrawess Hotels & Spa, member of the National council federation of tourism as well as President of the Arab Tourism health & wellness council.

This new leadership will bring great ideas and a new impetus to the work that the TC 228 members have been successfully developing all together since 2005. Welcome on board!

The TC 228 members would like to thank the outgoing Chairmanship, Mr Moreno (Chair) and Mr Miled (Vice-chair) for the great work achieved during these twelve years, which was crowned in 2017 by the ISO Eicher Award to TC 228 as the best committee for its excellence and superior performance.