Presentation of the Thalassotherapy standard in Geneva

Presentation of the Thalassotherapy standard in Geneva

In the framework of the ISO Workshop on Global Services

Services represent more than two thirds of World Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to the World Trade Organization. Tourism is a good example to show how standards can help to develop quality standards to improve the service.

During the Workshop held in Geneva on 14 June 2016, Mr. Chokri Makhlouf, co-secretary of ISO/TC 228, presented a case study about the Thalassotherapy.  The term has its origins in the Greek word for “sea” and refers to the medicinal use of seawater as a form of therapy “ISO 17680:2015 helped Tunisian thalassotherapy operators being more efficient, keep existing customers and attract new ones, reinforcing the Tunisian thalassotherapy brand” he said.

By looking at success stories of how standards are opening up new areas of business and improving quality and consumer trust, this case study will try to understand where standards are being implemented, how they work, and why the benefits more than outweigh the investment.

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