New Case Study on Diving now published!

New Case Study on Diving now published!

Case Studies help to better understand the benefits of tourism service standards by providing concrete examples of their implementation and tangible results in terms of service delivery and consumer satisfaction.

“Diving services in Egypt, ISO 24803:2017” explains how the expansion of diving tourism in Egypt prompted the government to define a framework for regulating its recreational diving activities and how ISO 24803 became a useful tool to codify proper procedures for running a diving centre in a trustworthy manner and provide quality services in a safe environment.

Service Sector is the fastest-growing sector of the worldʼs economy, accounting for the major part of global output, employment and trade and making up more than two-thirds of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In line with the ISO strategy for Service Standardization, whose objective is to increase ISO visibility as a developer of International Standards for Services and help ISO members to better face the particular challenges associated with the development of standards for services, ISO has published several case studies dealing with services and more specifically with Tourism Services.

ISO TC 228 has published 11 standards in Recreational Diving, the list can be consulted here: . In this case study, a detailed analysis is carried out on ISO 24803, a standard that focuses on requirements for recreational diving providers.

Apart from the Diving Case Study, ISO published in 2016 another case study dealing with Thalassotherapy “Tourism in Tunisia (ISO 17680, Thalassotherapy)” which helps to better understand how this standard became the focus of a country-wide project to improve Tunisia’s thalassotherapy centres.

The Case Study on Diving can be downloaded in the following link 

The Case Study about Thalassotherapy can be downloaded in the following link:

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