More sustainability in Adventure tourism activities

More sustainability in Adventure tourism activities

ISO tourism standards also contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and hence to transform our world into a better place.  More specifically the new ISO 20611:2018 Adventure tourism – Good practices for sustainability – Requirements and recommendations will help meet reduction of inequalities, responsible consumption or protection of life on land among other goals.

Due to its characteristics, the direct interaction with the environment and the consequent intrinsic dependency on natural resources represent essential elements in the adventure tourism sector. ISO 20611:2018 will be an essential tool for those adventure tourism activity providers who wish to develop their activities in a sustainable way, minimizing the negative environmental, economic or social impacts and enhancing the positive ones in their operational routines.

The new standard can be used by all types and sizes of adventure tourism activity providers, operating in different geographic, cultural and social environments. ISO 20611 contemplates good practices in the three dimensions of sustainability, by including requirements and recommendations on environmental, social and economic aspects.

Leonardo Persi, from ABETA (Brazil) and Convenor of the Working Group 7 responsible for the development of ISO 20611:2018 explains the benefits for the sector: “The adventure tourism sector needs to improve its operation, with commitment with local communities, offering safe activities and taking some actions, for example, to reduce negative impacts on the environment. This ISO Standard can help entrepreneurs to apply requirements and recommendations for a sustainable tourism.”

Leonor Picao, of the Portuguese Tourism Institute (Ministry of Economy) and project leader of ISO 20611, underlines that “it is increasingly important that all activities in the Tourism sector, especially adventure tourism activities, which take place predominantly in areas with important values to be conserved, be implemented in a sustainable way,  from an environmental, economic and social point of view, so that the territory and its intrinsic values can be transmitted with quality and identity to future generations."

ISO 20611:2018 Adventure tourism- Good practices for sustainability – Requirements and recommendations will be available by the end of September 2018.