2nd World Geospatial Information Congress


The United Nations 2nd World Geospatial Information Congress ran from 10-14 October in Hyderabad, India. Its theme was "Geo-Enabling the Global Village: No one should be left behind". Four ISO/TC 211 regulars were there with three of us presenting in different sessions.

  • Peter Parslow presenting “International Standardization is International Collaboration” in a session on “Understanding and Valuing Standards for the SDGs”
  • Paul Janssen presenting “Geo-standardization as a Governing Mechanism” in the same session
  • Matieu Henry presenting in a session on “Geospatial Network Empowering the One UN system”

The Friday coincided with World Standard Day: “Shared Vision for a Better World”, so we took the opportunity to frame this photo.

It was great to see high-level enthusiasm for geospatial data and services worldwide and specifically in India, with the Prime Minister’s video address speaking enthusiastically about the value of geo as India’s journey is powered by talent and technology.

A number of people spoke about particular standards which are helping their countries in their work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We hope to have some more specific user stories to share on this site soon.

For me, the biggest challenge for ISO/TC 211 step up to is a request from the UN Geospatial Network (currently some 37 UN entities) to help them ensure their planned is based on open standards.

Peter Parslow, chair ISO/TC 211


Published 2022-10-30