Geo Standards enabling sustainable development


This year’s World Standard Day on 14th October is titled “Shared Vision for a Better World” and highlights how a range of ISO standards offer practical solutions to help with many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This is a brief description of ISO/TC 211’s contribution.

From 10-14 October, the United Nations 2nd World Geospatial Information Congress has as its theme "Geo-Enabling the Global Village: No one should be left behind", and I will be presenting on behalf of the three SDOs in their thread “Understanding and Valuing Standards for the SDGs”. In a nutshell, I’ll be explaining that geo data helps implement SDGs and that open standards help reduce costs and time to implement – and that the three SDOs are there to help with implementation: not just the UN-GGIM Standards Guide, but other resources and expertise. Standards aren’t really about compliance (unless you’re developing a solution for sale)!

In our August newsletter, I shared how we had been challenged be more specific in showing examples of our standards supporting those goals.

In response to all those things we’re putting together a web page highlighting the various user stories and examples of ISO/TC 211 standards helping towards specific SDG targets, for example:

  • 1.5 reducing vulnerability to climate-related extreme events
  • 2.1 access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food
  • 4.1 access to education

The page will continue to grow as more of our members and others present their stories of implementing standards-based solutions that have real impact on the sustainability and wellbeing of their communities.

Peter Parslow, chair ISO/TC 211


Published 2022-10-10