OGC / ISO Metadata Code Sprint, 14-16 September 2022

We’re delighted to have been invited again to collaborate with OGC in their September code sprint. A “code sprint” is a three-day event where dozens of developers come together (usually virtually) to trial a draft specification. These are important parts of ensuring that newly developed implementation standards are ‘developer friendly’. 

This September code sprint focuses on OGC API Records, a standard which they are developing to enable transfer of metadata in a modern web architecture, in the same way that OGC API Features (ISO 19168) does for the data itself. Given that a lot of geospatial metadata uses ISO 19115, we will be contributing expert advice on that standard. 

You or your colleagues can attend the sprint either at the Ordnance Survey Geovation Centre in London (UK) or remotely. Do register your attendance via https://developer.ogc.org/sprints/18/.


Published 2022-08-11