Resolutions from the 51st plenary week

ISO/TC 211 is pleased to announce the accomplishment of the 51st Plenary, with 39 meetings spread over a two-week period. A Standards in Action seminar was held with seven presentations on a broad array of topics from around the world. The result for the national body votes on the committee internal ballot (CIB) resolutions are in, please see the resolutions posted at:

Summary: A set of new preliminary work items on Discrete Global Grid Systems were approved. New work item proposals were presented for Assigning and maintaining addresses for objects in the physical world, as well as for Geospatial API for features. Furthermore, some projects were restarted or extended due to risk of reaching target dates. Ad Hoc Groups are now created for Registers and for Smart Cities, and a new Advisory Group is established on Land Cover and Land Use. More on these topics in coming TC news posts.

Thank you to everyone for adapting to the changes over the past year that were necessary to ensure the best outcomes possible for everyone's health.  We look forward to the time when we can once again leave our home countries to immerse ourselves in the hospitality of our plenary hosts, while enjoying the simple pleasures of work discussions, coffee-break chats, evening meals and walks back to the hotel.

Published 2021-02-13