Invitation to Open Seminars

ISO/TC 211 is happy to invite all national members and liaisons to these open seminars, and to forward this invitation in your network.

Open Seminar on ISO/TC 211 Standards in Action
Friday November 27th at 10:00-11:30 and 12:00-13:30 UTC (Note time zone)
This seminar will focus on adopted and implemented standards at members and liaison organizations.
Agenda highlights:

  • Standardized Encoding of Sensor Positioning Information
  • Air Quality Data in Near-Real-Time
  • Latin American Metadata Profile LAMPv2
  • National standard for modelling geospatial data and services
  • Canada's ISO Story and future

Agenda and Zoom details

Open Seminar on OGC Activities
Monday November 30th at 14:45-16:15 UTC (Note time zone)
Agenda highlights:

  • Summary of active OGC Standards initiatives 
  • Introduction  to  OGC’s  Product  Management approach  to standards 
  • Highlights from the OGC Innovation Program 
  • Technology Trends of importance to the geospatial community

Agenda and Zoom details

Published 2020-11-16