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Introduction to ISO/TC 211 Good practices resource

The purpose of this resource is to give guidance in influencing, developing, reviewing, and commenting on standards in ISO/TC 211. Another purpose is to raise the awareness on how the organization ISO and ISO/TC 211 works: how to become a member, register for meetings, and participate in the work. To become a useful tool, the Good practice will be developed together with the users. In this first version, the Good practice follows the ISO process stages of standards development, from the idea of a standard to a final published standard. Future versions of the Good practice could be developed for instance towards different target groups.


Resolution 977 Good practices of ISO/TC 211

ISO/TC 211 instructs the secretariat in cooperation with ISO/TC 211 convenors to maintain a “Good practices of ISO/TC 211” resource containing resolutions and guidance which guide the work of the committee.