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ISO/NP 21203

Geographic information — Reliability framework for evaluating positioning results -



This International Standard defines a framework consisting of a set of methods for calculating the degree of reliability of a positioning result obtained from a positioning service, as specified by ISO 19116:2004. When implemented, the degree of reliability can be used for notification.

The set of methods defined in this International Standard are independent of any specific positioning technology or implemented location based service (LBS) platforms.

This International Standard is applicable to location based services and ubiquitous public access, and will provide a clear and standardized way of calculating the degree of reliability of a position obtained from using a positioning service. Users of positioning services will benefit from both the clarity and simplicity of a level of reliability while developers and positioning technology makers will have a standardized way of evaluating the degree of reliability for positions obtained from their applications and devices.

Establishment of a registry of reliability levels, or designing a graphic representation for the notification are out of scope of this International Standard.


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