ISO 19168-2

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ISO 19168-2

2022-09-13 Geographic information — Geospatial API for features —
Part 2: Coordinate Reference Systems by Reference



This document specifies an extension to the OGC API - Features - Part 1: Core standard that defines the behavior of a server that supports the ability to present geometry valued properties in a response
document in one from a list of supported Coordinates Reference Systems (CRS).

This document assumes that each supported CRS can be referenced by a uniform resource identifier
(i.e., a URI) such as

This document specifies:

  • How, for each offered feature collection, a server advertises the list of supported CRS identifiers;
  • How the coordinates of geometry valued feature properties can be accessed in one of the supported CRSs;
  • How features can be accessed from the server using a bounding box specified in one of the supported CRSs; and
  • How a server can declare the coordinate reference system used to present feature resources. 


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