ISO 19160-6

Working Group 7 
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ISO 19160-6


Addressing — Part 6: Digital interchange models




This document specifies a set of data models suitable for machine encoding of address information, called the “Address Interchange Object” (“AXO”) models, and the usage of them.

Specifically, this document provides:

  • data models for digital storage and interchange of address profiles conforming to ISO 19160-1;
  • data models for digital storage and interchange of addresses conforming to a specific address profile;
  • data models for entry and display templates for entering and displaying addresses conforming to the profile and encoding rules above; and
  • the management and operations of a register of address profiles conforming to this document.

Addressability, and features provided within the object which the address points to, is not described in this document. Specifically, the AddressableObject from ISO 19160-1 is considered out of scope.


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