ISO 19160-5

Working Group 7 
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ISO/PWI TS 19160-5

Addressing — Part 5: Address rendering
for purposes other than mail


Scope - abstract from the proposal

Addresses are one of the most common ways to unambiguously determine an object for purposes of identification and location. But Address reference systems vary from country to country according to policy, economy, society, culture all of the countries. For example, the field of intelligent transport systems, an address can be considered as a simplified location system (as opposed to a coordinate reference system), where points of interest and post codes are addressing information applicable in car navigation. In addition, Addresses are used for a wide variety of purposes: postal delivery, emergency response, customer relationship management, land administration, utility planning and maintenance, to name a few. There are many stake holders involved in addressing (activities involving addresses):

  • for assigning the address (local governments, postal operators, etc.);
  • for using addresses in various ways (customer service providers and electronic business, local and national governments, utility service providers, election commissions, etc.);
  • and finding the address (citizens, delivery and emergency response service providers, etc.). 


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