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ISO 19160-2 Under
Addressing — Part 2: Assigning and maintaining
addresses for objects in the physical world

ISO/WD 19160-2

Addressing — Part 2:
Good practices for address assignment schemes

ISO/PWI 19160-2

Addressing — Part 2:
Good practices for address assignment schemes



This document focuses on assigning and maintaining addresses that allow the unambiguous determination of an object in the physical world for purposes of identification and location in the context of public administration and public service delivery. During assignment an address is first associated with a particular object in the physical world. During maintenance the address changes, e.g., it is re-assigned to a different object, one or more of the address components are modified (e.g. a street name change), or the address is retired when it is no longer used. This document

  • establishes an overall set of objectives for assigning and maintaining addresses;
  • specifies the principles for assigning and maintaining addresses;
  • specifies a good practice for assigning and maintaining addresses; and 
  • specifies a governance framework for assigning and maintaining addresses;

Very often local governments (e.g. municipalities) are assigned the mandate for the planning, implementation, evaluation, and ongoing maintenance of addresses, and they are often supported by other organizations, such as national government, private sector companies and national or regional organizations. This document is of relevance and applicable to all these organizations who have an interest, role or responsibility in address assignment and maintenance, such as 

  • developing legislation, policies or regulations for addressing; 
  • facilitating and coordinating the naming of address components (the constituent parts of an address) and announcing and communicating these names; 
  • installing address component signs in the physical world; 
  • designing and implementing business processes related to address assignment and maintenance; 
  • designing, implementing and maintaining access to address data; 
  • developing software to facilitate the above; and
  • using addresses. 


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