ISO 19152-1

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ISO 19152-1


Geographic information —
Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) —
Part 1: Fundamentals


ISO/PWI 19152

Geographic information —
Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)

ISO 19152:2012

2020-11-19 Geographic information —
Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)



This International Standard:

  • defines a reference Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) covering basic information-related components of land administration (including those over water and land, and elements above and below the surface of the earth);
  • provides an abstract, conceptual model with four packages related to

     1) parties (people and organizations);
     2) basic administrative units, rights, responsibilities, and restrictions (ownership rights);
     3) spatial units (parcels, and the legal space of buildings and utility networks);
     4) spatial sources (surveying), and spatial representations (geometry and topology);

  • provides terminology for land administration, based on various national and international systems, that is as simple as possible in order to be useful in practice. The terminology allows a shared description of different formal or informal practices and procedures in various jurisdictions;
  • provides a basis for national and regional profiles; and
  • enables the combining of land administration information from different sources in a coherent manner.

The following is outside the scope of this International Standard:

  • interference with (national) land administration laws that may have any legal implications;
  • construction of external databases with party data, address data, valuation data, land use data, land cover data, physical utility network data, archive data and taxation data. However, the LADM provides stereotype classes for these data sets to indicate which data set elements the LADM expects from these external sources, if available; and
  • modelling of land administration processes. 


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Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO 19160-1:2015 Addressing — Part 1: Conceptual model



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