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ISO 19150-4:2019

2019-05-22 Geographic information — Ontology — Part 4: Service ontology 7



This document sets a framework for geographic information service ontology and the description of geographic information Web services in Web Ontology Language (OWL).

OWL is the language adopted for ontologies.

This document makes use of service metadata (ISO 19115-1) and service definitions (ISO 19119) whenever appropriate.

This document does not define semantics operators, rules for ontologies, and does not develop any application ontology.

In relation to ISO 19101-1:2014, 6.2, this document defines and formalizes the following purpose of the ISO geographic information reference model:

  • geographic information service components and their behaviour for data processing purposes over the Web, and
  • OWL ontologies to cast ISO/TC 211 standards to benefit from and support the Semantic Web.

In relation to ISO 19101-1:2014, 8.3, this document addresses the Meta:Service foundation of the ISO geographic information reference model.


Document Normative References:

ISO 19103, Geographic information — Conceptual schema language

ISO 19115-1, Geographic information — Metadata — Part 1: Framework

ISO 19119, Geographic information — Service

ISO 19150-2, Geographic information — Ontology — Part 2: Rules for developing ontologies in the Web Ontology Language (OWL)


Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:


Model References:

ISO 19103 Edition 1

ISO 19108 Edition 1
ISO 19115-1 Edition 1


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