ISO 19144-3

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ISO 19144-3


Geographic information — Classification systems —
Part 3: Land Use Meta Language (LUML)




This part of ISO 19144 specifies a Land Use Meta Language (LUML) expressed as a UML metamodel that allows different land use classification systems to be described. This part of ISO 19144 recognizes that there exist a number of land use classification systems. It provides a common reference structure for the comparison and integration of data for any generic land use classification system, but does not intend to replace those classification systems. This part of ISO 19144 complements part 2, the Land Cover Meta Language (LCML) and may be used independently to describe Land Use or together with LCML to describe a combined Land Cover Land Use. Reference is made to an external register of elements that may be used to extend LUML. The detailed structure of the register is defined in a separate part of 19144.


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