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ISO/TS 19138:2006

Geographic information — Data quality measures 9



This Technical Specification defines a set of data quality measures. These can be used when reporting data quality for the data quality subelements identified in ISO 19113. Multiple measures are defined for each data quality subelement, and the choice of which to use will depend on the type of data and its intended purpose.

The data quality measures are structured so that they can be maintained in a register established in conformance with ISO 19135.

This Technical Specification does not attempt to describe every possible data quality measure, only a set of commonly used ones. 


Document Normative References:

ISO/TS 19103:2005, Geographic information — Conceptual schema language

ISO 19113:2002, Geographic information — Quality principles

ISO 19115:2003, Geographic information — Metadata

ISO 19135:2005, Geographic information — Procedures for item registration


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