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ISO/TS 19130-2 Under development Geographic information —
Imagery sensor models for geopositioning —
Part 2: SAR, InSAR, lidar and sonar

ISO/TS 19130-2:2014

2014-01-14 Geographic information —
Imagery sensor models for geopositioning —
Part 2: SAR, InSAR, lidar and sonar



This Technical Specification supports exploitation of remotely sensed images. It specifies the sensor models and metadata for geopositioning images remotely sensed by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR), LIght Detection And Ranging (lidar), and SOund Navigation And Ranging (sonar) sensors. The specification also defines the metadata needed for the aerial triangulation of airborne and spaceborne images.

This Technical Specification specifies the detailed information that shall be provided for a sensor description of SAR, InSAR, lidar and sonar sensors with the associated physical and geometric information necessary to rigorously construct a Physical Sensor Model. For the case where precise geoposition information is needed, this Technical Specification identifies the mathematical formulae for rigorously constructing Physical Sensor Models that relate two-dimensional image space to threedimensional ground space and the calculation of the associated propagated error.

This Technical Specification does not specify either how users derive geoposition data or the format or content of the data the users generate.


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Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO/TS 19130-3 Geographic information — Imagery sensor models for geopositioning — Part 3: Implementation Schema

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Model References:
ISO 19103 Edition 1
ISO 19107 Edition 1
ISO 19108 Edition 1
ISO 19130 Edition 1
ISO 19157 Edition 1


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China - Enabling Standardized Encoding of Sensor Positioning Information using ISO 19130-3 Standard

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