ISO 19124-2

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ISO/TS 19124-2

Geographic information — Calibration and validation of remote sensing data and derived products — Part 2: SAR 6



This Technical Specification defines the calibration and validation of Earth observing (EO) data acquired by SAR sensors and products derived from SAR data. 

The specified SAR sensors include general working modes and advanced working modes.

In this specification, the term calibration refers to the process to correct the data, not only geometrically and radiometrically, but also characteristically for qualitative and quantitive applications, and the term validation refers to the process to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the calibrated data and derived products.

This Technical Specification will also address the associated metadata related to calibration and validation that has not been defined in other ISO geographic information standards.

This technical specification does not address the calibration of SAR sensors and validation of SAR sensor calibration, which are covered by ISO 19159-3.


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