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ISO/TR 19122:2004

Geographic information / Geomatics —
Qualification and certification of personnel
ISO 16822 Cancelled Geographic information - Qualifications and certification of personnel -



This Technical Report describes and defines the following objectives of the field of Geographic

  • To develop a Type 3 report, which describes a system for the qualification and certification, by a central independent body, of personnel in the field of Geographic Information/Geomatics.
  • To define the boundaries between Geographic Information/ Geomatics and other related disciplines and professions.
  • To specify technologies and tasks pertaining to Geographic Information/Geomatics.
  • To establish skill sets and competency levels for technologists, professional staff and management in the field.
  • To research the relationship between this initiative and other similar certification processes performed by existing professional associations.
  • To develop a plan for the accreditation of candidate institutions and programs, for the certification of individuals in the workforce, and for collaboration with other professional bodies.

While the background research leading to this Technical Report has remained true to the framework provided by these objectives, the focus has shifted to a more comprehensive, descriptive study of the current situation in some member countries and the ongoing activities of some of those international professional associations which cover the subject domain. This is in contrast to a prescriptive study, where the solution would be dictated by ISO/TC 211. 


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