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ISO/TR 19120:2001/
WD Amd 1

Geographic information — Functional standards —
Amendment 1

ISO/TR 19120:2001

Geographic information — Functional standards -
ISO 15854 Cancelled Geographic information - Functional standards -



Within the context of this Technical Report, a functional standard has been identified as an existing geographic information standard, in active use within the international community. National standards have not been considered within this report.

This Technical Report seeks to identify the components of those recognized functional standards and to identify elements that can be harmonized between these standards and with the ISO/TC 211 base standards. This Technical Report provides a starting point for a feedback cycle between the functional standards communities and the ISO 19100 series component project teams.


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Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO/TR 19121:2000 Geographic information — Imagery and gridded data



Model References: