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ISO 19119:2016

2016-01-18 Geographic information — Services 4

ISO 19119:2005/
Amd 1:2008

2008-04-16 Geographic information — Services —
Amendment 1: Extensions of the service metadata model

ISO 19119:2005

2005-02-10 Geographic information — Services 4

ISO/DIS 19119

Geographic information — Services 4
ISO 15046-19 Cancelled Geographic information - Services -



This International Standard defines requirements for how platform neutral and platform specific specification of services shall be created, in order to allow for one service to be specified independently of one or more underlying distributed computing platforms.

This International Standard defines requirements for a further mapping from platform neutral to platform specific service specifications, in order to enable conformant and interoperable service implementations.

This International Standard addresses the Meta:Service foundation of the ISO geographic information reference model described in ISO 19101-1:2014, Clause 6 and Clause 8, respectively.

This International Standard defines how geographic services shall be categorised according to a service taxonomy based on architectural areas and allows also for services to be categorised according to a usage life cycle perspective, as well as according to domain specific and user defined service taxonomies, providing support for easier publication and discovery of services.


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Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

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Model References:
ISO/TS 19103 Edition 1
ISO 19115 Edition 1
ISO 19115-1 Edition 1
ISO 19136 Edition 1


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