ISO 19117

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ISO 19117:2012

2012-12-06 Geographic information — Portrayal 4

ISO 19117:2005

2005-06-15 Geographic information — Portrayal 4

ISO/DIS 19117

Geographic information — Portrayal 4
ISO 15046-17 Cancelled Geographic information - Portrayal -



This International Standard specifies a conceptual schema for describing symbols, portrayal functions that map geospatial features to symbols, and the collection of symbols and portrayal functions into portrayal catalogues. This conceptual schema can be used in the design of portrayal systems. It allows feature data to be separate from portrayal data, permitting data to be portrayed in a dataset independent manner.

This International Standard is not applicable to the following:

  • standard symbol collection (e.g. International Chart 1 – IHO);
  • a standard for symbol graphics (e.g. scalable vector graphics [SVG]);
  • portrayal services (e.g. web map service);
  • capability for non-visual portrayal (e.g. aural symbology);
  • dynamic rendering (e.g. on the fly contouring of tides);
  • portrayal finishing rules (e.g. generalization, resolve overprinting, displacement rules);
  • 3D symbolization (e.g. simulation modeling). 


Document Normative References:

ISO/TS 19103:2005, Geographic information — Conceptual schema language

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Referenced from active ISO/TC 211 standard:

ISO/TR 19121:2000 Geographic information — Imagery and gridded data



Model References:
ISO/TS 19103 Edition 1
ISO 19110 Edition 1
ISO 19115 Edition 1
ISO 19117 Edition 2
ISO 19133 Edition 1
ISO 19139 Edition 1


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