Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar, in Omiya


Promoting the introduction of standardization technology into public surveying projects and educational activities in Japan through an education and certification program: S-GI-Cert (Certification of Professionals in Standards for Geographic Information)
Mr. Keiji YAMADA, Japan

Introduction of geographic information and statistical standards for surveying data quality
Mr. Shigeru MATSUZAKA, Japan

Korean address assignment scheme of AOT (Address of things)
Film from the presentation
Dr. Suchul Kang, Korea

Data standardization activity for urban revitalization in Japan
Dr. Kentaro AKAHOSHI, Japan
Ms. Chikako KUROKAWA, Japan

How to measure the status and the progress in the awareness of GI standards in action?
Dr. Eunmi Chang, University of Seoul, Korea

Calibration and Validation of Air-borne Multispectral Imaging Sensors: State of the art and Standardization Requirements
Prof. Liu Chun, China

Entire Global Space 3D Grids and Application for Low Altitude Airspace Management.
Dr. Qu Tengteng, China

Emerging technology – DGGS
Robert Gibb, New Zealand

Manchester City Model: an OGC standard approach:
Theme: The geo-domain vs neighboring domains.

Claus Nagel, Germany


Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar, in Maribor


Interoperability between GIS (Geospatial) and BIM. Joint work between ISO/TC 59/SC 13 and ISO/TC 211.
Morten Borrebaek, Norway

GeoBIM: Bridging the gap between Geo and BIM
Prof. Dr. Anka Lisec, Slovenia

Point cloud quality metrics for Building Information Modelling
Prof. Dr. Danijel Rebolj, Slovenia

Open BIM for infrastructure: recent standardisation efforts
Ing. Sara Guerra de Oliveira, MSc, Slovenia

Twenty years of the Czech mirror technical committee of Geographic information /Geomatics - input on national professional language, - Standards in action in the Czech Republic.
RNDr. Eva Sovjakova, Czech Republic

Outdoor Augmented Reality with Geographical Object Identification by Deep Learning
Prof. Du Qingyun, China

The design of national standard on Global Position Grid Codes (GPGC) and its applications
Prof. Ren Fuhu, China

Cross-Border Spatial Data Harmonisation – An Example of INSPIRE
Martin Puhar, ICT Network at Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Development of a standard for data and metadata preservation – content specifications for Earth observation data and derived digital products.
Dr Ramapriyan Hampapuram, USA

Archiving Geospatial data – Bridging the gap between Archival and Geospatial standards
Gregor Završnik, Slovenia

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