Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar, in Wuhan


Requirements for Land Cover Standard from the Perspective of Implementation in China
Dr. Xu Zhou

Open Standards in Practice: OGC China Forum Activities
Prof. Peng Yue

Towards a “3D+” Spatial Data Infrastructure: case of Chongqing, China
Ms. Mei Xue

The development of GIS software industry and the requirements of international standardization
Mr. Shaojun Li


Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar, in Copenhagen


1. Metadata catalogues in Denmark
The past year, several Danish initiatives have focused on improving the metadata of public sector datasets and on making it easier for end users to find those metadata in the portal of their choice. In order to be successful, it should be simple for data providers to update their metadata and it should be possible to do that in in one place only, despite the co-existence of different catalogues and accompanying standards. This presentation will explain the set-up in Denmark.
Heidi Vanparys and Johan Hartnack

2. Towards Safe City – why standards play an important role
As we need to bridge the silos in order to transform a city into
safe/smart, standards have to be used on all different levels. Within the different domains (Government, Transportation, Utilities, Public Safety, Education, …) to lay the foundation for “bridging” as well as from technology perspective (e.g. what to do with sensors, IoT, …) within the geospatial context

Uwe Jasnoch

3. eGov in Denmark 
Lars Erik Storgaard

The workshop will focus on the requirements for Land Cover (LC) standards and possible harmonisation strategies for similar LC concepts like LCML and the European EAGLE

4. Global aspects and requirements for LC Standards
Steffen Fritz is one of the leading domain experts regarding the requirements for global land cover datasets and the challenges to handle sematic issues. Within the presentation the global perspective and requirements for future LC standards are discussed.
Steffen Fritz

5. Global land cover mapping and its standardization in support of SDGs
Dr He Chaoying

6. Use of LC Standards within the INSPIRE Initiative
The INSPIRE Directive aims to create a spatial data infrastructure in Europe, enabling the sharing of environmental spatial information in a harmonized way. One of the data themes covered by the Directive is Land Cover in which the use of the LCML ISO 19144-2 standard is foreseen.
Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

7. The overall EAGLE Concept 
Gebhard Banko

8. Structure and content of the EAGLE Matrix – paradigm shift from classification to characterization
Stephan Arnold

9. Harmonisation strategies of LCML and EAGLE concepts within the revision of ISO 19144-2
Roland Grillmayer

Presentations from Standards in Action Outreach seminar, in Wellington


Audio and presentations at:

Session 1,  11.00-12.30

Adressing Address - Mike Judd

An Introduction to a Linked Data Demonstrator - Joseph Abhayaratna

National Land Administration - James Mowat

Session 2, 13.30-15.00

Discrete Global Grid Systems - Matthew B.J Purss and Robert Gibb

Interoperability and Profiling - Margie Smith

Policy for Standards Development - Brian Sloan

The Result of Single Source Publishing - Lena Bengtsson

Session 3, 15.50-17.00

OGC Environmental Data Interoperability Experiments - Alistair Ritchie

Where Rubber Hits the Road - Sean Hodges and Adrienne Bonnington

Open Geospatial Consortium´s Arctic Spatial Data Pilot

Presentations from UN GGIM, in July 2017, New York, USA

Application of geospatial information related to land administration and management

Please find the link to the standards session (starts at around 37:00 minutes) at last weeks UNGGIM Meeting in New York.

The Geospatial & Statistical discussion was held on the 3rd session and the Geospatial & Statistical Forum (Monday 31st July)

The Land Administration and Management (starts at 7:30 minutes).


Presentations from the last plenary week in Stockholm

Presentations from GIS(Geospatial)/BIM INTEROPERABILITY Workshop 2017-05-30 in Stockholm, Sweden

Presentations from Seminar, 2017-05-31 in Stockholm, Sweden



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