Support material for ISO 14005:2019

There are a number of free support materials available to support you with the use of ISO 14005:2019, these include:


Assessment excel sheet

This Assessment Sheet (xls workbook with 29 worksheets) is designed to help organizations track progress towards full EMS implementation. The structure of its worksheets follows the  structure of ISO 14001:2015. Depending on the subject, worksheets may cover a full clause of ISO 14001:2015, or one or several of its subclauses.  

The Assessment Sheet is aligned to the Maturity Matrix included in ISO 14005:2019 (Annex A Table A.1) and incorporates:
• 29 xls worksheets - corresponding each to one EMS clause/subclause of ISO 14001:2015 (e.g Leadership - three worksheets corresponding to three subclauses 5.1, 5.2, 5.3) 
•Each worksheet has five columns – in each worksheet, the five columns representing the five levels of maturity for the respective EMS subclause as laid down in Annex A, Table A1 of ISO 14005:2019 (e.g. column 1 - lowest level of maturity, progressing to column 5 – high maturity, equivalent to satisfying ISO 14001:2015 requirements in respect of this subclause). 

The assessment sheet supports the flexible, phased implementation approach, as presented in clause 4 and clause 6 of ISO 14005:2019, which allows organizations to develop their EMS at their own pace, depending on resources and priorities. It can be used to determine the level of maturity per ISO 14001:2015 clause, supporting assignment of the existing or intended maturity level in Table A1 of ISO 14005:2019. 



Example of a working EMS project

This example is taken from a working EMS project and aims to illustrate how all the various elements of phased EMS implementation fit together.