ISO 14002-1 – Guidelines for applying the ISO 14001 framework to environmental aspects and environmental conditions by environmental topic areas – Part 1: General

Introduction and Scope

Organizations have varying priorities related to environmental management based on their internal and external contexts, their interactions with the environment, as well as the concerns and requirements of their interested parties. The ISO 14002 series provides topic-specific guidance and examples for organizations that want to apply their environmental management system to a more focused set of environmental aspects or a combination of specific environmental aspects and environmental conditions. It supplements the general requirements and guidance in ISO 14001 and ISO 14004.

Part 1 of the ISO 14002 series provides generic guidance for organizations on how to manage one or more environmental topic areas based on an ISO 14001 environmental management system. Subsequent parts of the standard will include guidance for specific environmental topic areas. Part 2 is currently under development. It will assist organizations to focus their environmental management activities on water.

Part 1 was published in December 2019. Part 2 will be published 2021. Potential further part on other environmental topic areas are currently under consideration. Stakeholders are invited to submit ideas and proposals to the ISO working group.

What are the benefits of applying ISO 14002?

The benefits of applying the ISO 14002 series can include:

— enhancing environmental performance within specific environmental topic areas;

— protecting the environment by preventing or mitigating adverse environmental impacts within specific environmental topic areas;

— mitigating the potential adverse effect of environmental conditions on the organization within specific environmental topic areas;

— aligning the environmental management system with the organization’s strategic direction, e.g. to support a specific environmental policy or organizational commitment.

What is an environmental topic area?

An environmental topic area is an area of interest or concern for environmental management in an organization, in relation to its surroundings. This can include, for example, air, water, land, natural resources, flora and fauna, consistent with the definition of environment in ISO 14001. A topic area is typically reflected in one part of ISO 14002. ISO 14002-2 will address the environmental topic area water.


Development process

In February 2017 ISO/TC 207/SC1 agreed to develop ISO 14002 as a guidance standard for the management of specific environmental aspects and environmental conditions. The work was delegated to a dedicated Working Group (WG 11). Having started its work in Halifax (Nova Scotia), Canada in June 2017, the expert working group met six times to develop ISO 14002-1 before it was published in December 2019. The working group is also responsible for the development of further parts of ISO 14002. It currently consists of 53 experts from 27 countries as well as 8 liaison experts from international organizations.