Interpretations of ISO 14001:2015

To help clarify the intent of ISO 14001:2015, the ISO process allows for interpretations to be provided by each National Member Body (NMB).

The sub-committee (SC1) follows a process for managing interpretations of ISO 14001:2015. The interpretations were updated on 8 March 2021 based on the SC 1 review and approval in December 2020. It is important to note that Interpretations do not change the requirements in ISO 14001:2015 but are intended to give users a better understanding of ISO 14001:2015.

The SC1 process includes:

  • it is the responsibility of each NMB to respond to any interpretation enquiries it receives;
  • NMB interpretations are submitted to the SC1 Secretary and reviewed annually at the SC1 plenary;
  • after the review the interpretation is made available to the public via ISO Livelink and the SC1 website;
  • questions about the interpretation should be referred to the NMB where the interpretation originated.

Please note that some NMB use the term ‘clarification of intent’ instead of the term ‘interpretation.’

The reviewed ISO 14001:2015 interpretations are available a PDF

Nele Zgavc
Nele Zgavc
Committee manager to ISO/TC 207/SC 1

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