Supporting environmental and business challenges

Scene setting

As a world, we face significant challenges from increase in population as well as degradation of our environment coupled with reduction in ecosystem services and lack of availability of natural resources and increased pollution of our natural environment. New international agreements to tackle these challenges are demanding action from organisations, government and us while pushing us all towards a new era of sustainability. Against this backdrop organisation also need to stay flexible to adjust appropriately to new developments (additive manufacturing, increased robotics, 4th industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, etc.) while coping with increased uncertainty such as economic growth stagnating etc.

For many organisations, the questions are how do they:

  • mitigate the environmental impacts from their operations / services?
  • adapt to all these changes in the environment and business?
  • meet the expectations embedded in the new international agreements?
  • ensure the success of their products/services, support for their employees and neighbours while dealing with environmental challenges?

SC1 standards can help with these challenges. Our standards deal with environmental management in a systematic and holistic manner encouraging organisations to evaluate and reduce (mitigate) the consequences to the whole ecosystem from its activities not focusing on one environmental issue to the detriment of others. This includes looking at how the environment effects the organisation and hence what an organisation may need to consider in terms of adapting to changes in the surrounding environmental conditions. SC1 standards also encourage organisation to move away from end of pipe solution to consider reuse, recycling and eco-resource efficiency (circular economy) concepts.

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