SC 1 Communiqué January 2020

SC 1 Communiqué January 2020

Communiqué, January 2020

The new year starts well for ISO/TC 207 SC1


A strong start for SC1 

ISO/TC 207/SC 1 Environmental management systems is gathering in January to discuss progress since the plenary meeting in June 2019. WG 11 has their first meeting planned in London for the launch of the ISO 14002-2 Guidelines for using ISO 14001 to address environmental aspects and conditions within an environmental topic area - water developments. The other exciting development is the ballot launch for ISO DIS 14009 Guidelines for incorporating material circulation in design and development, contact your national body today to provide your input!


Publications since August

ISO 14007: 2019 Environmental management — Guidelines for determining environmental costs and benefits

ISO 14002-1: 2019  Environmental management systems — Guidelines for using ISO 14001 to address environmental aspects and conditions within an environmental topic area — Part 1: General

FDIS ballots

The final draft international standard (FDIS) stage is where national member bodies are asked to approve the final text, as all technical issues will have been resolved.

ISO 14006 FDIS approved

The FDIS of ISO 14006 Environmental management systems -- Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign was approved in December 2019. The ISO editors are currently finalizing the document for publication.

DIS ballots

The draft International Standard (DIS) stage is where the draft standard is issued to all ISO national member bodies (NMB) for wider consultation. Following a successful ballot, the working group experts meet to develop the final draft prior to publication.

ISO CD 14009 DIS ballot opened

ISO 14009 Environmental management systems –  Guidelines for incorporating material circulation in design and development had their CD draft approved in June 2019. The DIS ballot is now open until 30 March 2020.

Committee Drafts

Committee drafts provide an opportunity for national mirror committees to review progress on the development of the standard and to make comments on the draft. The draft is then referred back to the working group experts to prepare the draft International Standard (DIS).

None at present.


Looking ahead

SC1 has always been a committee to look ahead and three groups have been set up to take a long-term view of our standards:

  • The Future Challenges Study Group (FCSG) has been established to identify and review (future) trends/issue/topics in the context of the application of environmental management systems based on ISO 14001:2015, and assess how these might impact on future content
  • The User Survey Study Group will develop a user survey on ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 which can be used to feed into the work of the FCSG, and will administer and analyse the survey when it happens.
  • The Measuring Success Ad Hoc Group will collate suggestions and information from SC 1 national standards bodies and SC 1 liaisons on “how and what information related to measuring the success of SC 1 standards can be gathered and its relevance”, and will also feed into the work of the FCSG.

Each of these groups is continuing with their work and the user survey is potentially launching in Q2 2020.

The IAF/TC 207 Audit Practices Group (APG) has prepared various materials on auditing EMS which are freely available from the SC1 website.


Revision of Annex L

SC1 continuous to be involved with the discussions regarding the revision of Annex L included in the ISO Directives which provides the high level structure (HLS), identical core text and common terms and core definitions for use in management system standards, which forms the basis of ISO 14001:2015 among others. The taskforce responsible for this revision is meeting in Sydney, Australia In January and the representatives from SC 1 will be participating in the discussions.


How to get involved

If you are interested in being involved in any of the work outlined above – including commenting on a DIS – please contact your ISO national member body. In many cases the NMB will have a national mirror committee that mirrors the work of SC1. See also: Get Involved with ISO

If you have any queries on the SC1 work programme, please contact the SC1 committee manager, Nele Zgavc, at


Martin Baxter                 Dr. Nadzri Yahaya

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ISO/TC 207/SC 1 Environmental management systems