ISO 14005:2019 has now been published!

ISO 14005:2019 has now been published!

The revision, of the 2010 version, of ISO 14005 Environmental management systems — Guidelines for a flexible approach to phased implementation published on 09 May 2019.

Many organizations already benefit from a formalized EMS. But many more organizations, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, lack a formal system and therefore lose the benefits that an increased formality can bring. A systematic approach to environmental management can provide long-term success and enable sustainable development, but the full implementation of an EMS across the whole organization at the same time might prove difficult.  

A phased approach offers several advantages. Organizations can readily evaluate how the time and money put into an EMS provide a return. They can develop a system that meets their needs, allowing them to implement it at their own pace, depending on the available human and financial resources.

The purpose of this standard is to encourage and guide organizations to develop and implement an EMS, using a phased approach to ultimately meet the requirements of ISO 14001. The EMS can be expanded from a nucleus over time by progressing through more phases, e.g. to cover more environmental aspects, to systematically address all relevant needs and expectations of interested parties, or to improve environmental performance beyond legal compliance.

The revision was being developed by experts from 13 participating countries since the end of 2016.
It includes major changes to the Maturity Matrix (Annex A) to take into account the new content of the revision, including adaptations to ISO 14001:2015. 

You can read more information on the content of the standard and frequently asked questions on this page.