Important information regarding ISO Meetings during COVID-19

All ISO governance and technical meetings planned until 31 December 2020 must be held virtually or postponed until after that date.

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Video call from home during lockdown
Virtual session

Virtual session for ISO members

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 General Assembly will be replaced by a virtual session for ISO members.

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ISO doesn’t provide certification or conformity assessment. You’ll need to contact an external certification body for that.

Read more about certification and how to find a certification body.

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A new ISO document for occupational health and safety metrics has just been published.
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No need to sink or swim as the ISO series of standards for lifejackets just got updated.
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The virtuous circle of innovation management
One of the many benefits of ISO’s new standard on innovation management is that it delivers across the board, keeping businesses of all sizes agile, adaptable and resilient enough to cope with today’s challenges. Here, experts from two companies –one big, one small – explain why ISO 56002 is a key driver …
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Blockchain’s technology of trust
Over recent years, blockchain has evolved into a transformational technology promising to offer secure, real-time transactions across different sectors and industries that will revolutionize the way we do business. ISO is at the forefront of this technology to ensure that its users all speak the same …

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ISOfocus September/October 2020

Innovation generation

All industries have to continually innovate, whether its technology or retail. But how? Look no further than this edition of ISOfocus for more.