ISO/AWI 17508
ISO/AWI 17508


This document specifies test methods for the determination of the chemical compatibility of packaging/intermediate bulk containers (IBC) made from polyethylene and coextruded plastic. It covers the determination of adequate chemical compatibility against the processes of deterioration: − softening due to absorption (swelling); − stress cracking; and − combinations thereof. It applies to: − drums and containers made from plastic according to paragraph of the RID/ADR; − composite packaging (plastic) with inner receptacle made from plastic according to paragraph of the RID/ADR; − rigid plastic IBCs (types 31H1 and 31H2) according to of the RID/ADR; and − composite IBCs with rigid plastic inner receptacles (type 31HZ1) according to of the RID/ADR; whose design is approved by a competent authority for the transport of liquid dangerous goods. This proof of adequate chemical compatibility is only applicable to the above packaging and IBC types of the following materials and material specifications: − packaging and IBCs made from polyethylene (PE)4; − packaging and IBCs made from polyethylene (PE)4, whose internal surfaces are fluorinated; and − packaging and IBCs which are coextrusion blow moulded and have walls with the following multilayer structure (from inside to outside): − polyamide (PA)//bonding agents//polyethylene (PE); or − ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH)//bonding agents//polyethylene (PE).

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  •  : ISO/TC 122/SC 3 Performance requirements and tests for means of packaging, packages and unit loads (as required by ISO/TC 122)
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