ISO/TS 13399-71:2016 Предпросмотр

Cutting tool data representation and exchange -- Part 71: Graphical data layout -- Creation of documents for standardized data exchange: Graphical product information

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ISO/TS 13399-71:2016 determines the elements to be used for the creation of 2D documentation. The individual parts of documentation are drawing content, geometrical data, drawing frame and drawing header data as shown in Figure 1.

The standardization of drawing formats, e.g. drawing frame, structure of the bill of material, are out of the scope of ISO/TS 13399-71:2016. Furthermore, it is intended to standardize the data exchange of the product documentation.

It specifies a common way for the basic principles for the creation of product documentation that contain the following:

- definitions and identifications of the elements of a product documentation;

- definitions and identifications of the internal structure of the product documentation;

- definitions and identifications of those elements and features that are necessary to show the protection notices and the copyrights of the originator of the document.

The following are outside the scope of ISO/TS 13399-71:2016:

- layer settings as defined in ISO/TS 13399‑70;

- structure of the data exchange file using extensible mark-up language (XML);

- applications where these standard data may be stored or referenced;

- concept of the classification of cutting tool data and their properties;

- concept of the design of 2D drawings for cutting tools;

- concept of the design of 3D models for cutting tools;

- application data for the use of those cutting tools;

- information about the reconditioning of cutting tools;

- information about additional application and usage data (e.g. coolant supply).

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    ISO/TC 29
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    Cutting tools in general
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