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ISO 13628-10:2005 defines the technical requirements for safe, dimensionally and functionally interchangeable bonded flexible pipes that are designed and manufactured to uniform standards and criteria. Minimum requirements are specified for the design, material selection, manufacture, testing, marking and packaging of bonded flexible pipes, with reference to existing codes and standards where applicable.

ISO 13628-10:2005 applies to bonded flexible pipe assemblies, consisting of segments of flexible pipe body with end fittings attached to both ends.

ISO 13628-10:2005 applies to pipes with a design pressure greater than or equal to 1,5 MPa (15 bar). ISO 13628-10:2005 can be used for lower design pressure pipes, though the requirements of these pipes have not been specifically addressed.

ISO 13628-10:2005 does not cover flexible pipes of unbonded structure nor to flexible pipe ancillary components and does not apply to flexible pipes for use in choke and kill line applications..

ISO 13628-10:2005 can be applied to flexible pipes that include non-metallic reinforcing layers, though no effort was made to address the specific and unique technological aspects of this product, and to a bonded construction pipe that includes a material or layer construction that is covered in ISO 13628-2.

ISO 13628-10:2005 can be applied to flexible pipes for pile hammer, gas flare, water supply and jetting applications, though no effort was made to address the specific and unique technological aspects relating to each of these requirements.

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    Дата публикации : 2005-10
  • Версия : 1
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    ISO/TC 67/SC 4
    Drilling and production equipment
  • 75.180.10
    Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment

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    ISO 13628-10:2005

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