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This part of ISO 4524 provides procedures for conducting mixed flowing gas (MFG) environmental tests involving

exposures to controlled quantities of corrosive gas mixtures.

It describes the required equipment and the methods for gas, temperature and humidity control that enable tests to

be conducted in a reproducible manner. Reproducibility is measured through the use of control coupons the

corrosion films of which are evaluated by mass gain, coulometry or by various electron and X-ray beam analysis

techniques. Reproducibility can also be measured by in situ corrosion rate monitors using electrical resistance or

mass frequency change methods.

MFG tests can be used to:

_ evaluate novel electrical contact metallization for susceptibility to degradation due to environmental exposure

to the test corrosive gases;

_ evaluate the shielding capability of connector housings that may act as a barrier to the ingress of corrosive


_ evaluate the susceptibility of other connector materials such as plastic housings to degradation from the test

corrosive gases.

MFG tests are not normally:

_ used as porosity tests (for guidance on porosity testing, see ISO 10308, Metallic coatings — review of porosity


_ applicable where the failure mechanism is other than pollutant gas corrosion such as in tin-coated separable


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  • Текущий статус :  Published
    Дата публикации : 2000-03
  • Версия : 2
  • :
    ISO/TC 107/SC 7
    Corrosion tests
  • 25.220.40
    Metallic coatings

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