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In an increasingly digital age, and one marked by misinformation and fake news, the big challenge is establishing trust in technology itself.  
The circular economy, a sustainable model of production and consumption, is a pillar of climate action. But we’re not taking it nearly seriously enough.
Свежие новости с конференции ИСО по климату.
A collective call to urgently ramp up climate action and support.
More ambitious and effective climate policy based on standards is urgently needed.   
A resilient biodiversity and stable climate go hand in hand, and ISO standards can leverage the synergies between them.
As we rethink global energy, we must ensure a fair and inclusive green transition. 
Water is imperative to survival but is under threat. Standards are vital to preserving, rehabilitating and managing water resources. Here’s why. 
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Women are on the frontlines of climate change and have unique knowledge and perspectives that can help address the crisis.
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How will we feed 8, 9, 10 billion people at the same time as protecting the environment? Who's going to do it? And what is the role for ISO standards?